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Ile de France Lamb

Wheaton, MN


Set in the tristate corner of the Dakotas and Minnesota, we breed Ile de France sheep. For over fifty years, we have been breeding and raising sheep. I grew up with a farm flock and small feedlot and after coming back to the farm fulltime started a commercial flock that ranged from 350-500 ewes over the years. Our flock had been built up from many sources and we had a high incidence of OPP. I became disillusioned with the sheep flock due to poor ewe health and production, so I decided it would be best to depopulate and start over.  In 2006, we purchased OPP free ewe lambs and started our clean flock with Ile de France genetics. 

All of our Ile de France genetics have came from pasture-based lambing flocks that focus on economics and efficiency where the ewes have been selected for generations to birth and raise multiple lambs on grass without supervision. I use this same philosophy to raise my ewes on a forage based ration and shed lamb with minimal supervision.

Our ewe flock focuses on easy keeping, low maintenance, maternal genetics that produce 140 pound market lambs with efficient gains, large loin-eyes, and high dressing percentages. Our goal is to wean a 200% lamb crop raised on the ewe and to market the lambs at four and a half to five months on 25-30% forage ration. 

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