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Yearling Rams For Sale

Welcome to our First Annual Online Spring Ram Sale!


Saturday, May 6th



















We are offering 16 yearling ram lambs from our flock and my good friend Tom Scarponcini's flock. Tom started his flock in 2018 by purchasing breeding stock from us and has grown his flock to about 75 spring lambing ewes. Tom uses the same sire color rotation and rams from our flock. 

All 16 rams have been grown on hay and one pound or less of grain from 120 days of age to current age. These yearling rams are well developed and ready to go to work for you and sire fall lambs or early winter lambs. Our flocks and all rams are OPP and foot rot free. The rams are produced by prolific ewes that have a lambing percentage that range from 210% to 225% with great mothering instincts and lots of milk. 

You will notice the two groups have different weigh dates for loin eye scans, so each group is its own contemporary group and should only be compared within the group.

All rams have a floor price which are posted below and on the auction website. Remember if you would like to bid, you need to pre-register on the Integrity Livestock website which should only take a few minutes. Please contact Chad with any questions. 

Click here to be redirected to the auction on Integrity's website.

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