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Breeding Program 

We use a four sire rotational breeding program to minimize the inbreeding coefficient in our flock. The sire lines are labeled blue, green, red, and yellow; lambs are tagged according to the color group of their sire.  Ewes are mated to the next color sire line in the rotation.

We are striving for maternal, prolific ewes who produce well structured and heavily muscled lambs. Due to the rigorous selection process, not all color lines have the same number of ewes every year. We are working hard to improve specific traits within each color group and have been focusing our selection process on achieving these goals. 

Data below represents the mature flock (i.e. every lamb born and ewe lambing). Data does NOT include ewe lambs or their offspring as they lamb later in the season.

Blue Line

Blue Ewes

2021 Lambing 211%

Lamb 50 Day Adj. 66.72


Blue Sired Lambs

Post Wean Gain .87

Adj. LEA

Yellow Line

Yellow Ewes

2021 Lambing 212%

Lamb 50 Day Adj. 65.87


Yellow Sired Lambs

Post Wean Gain .82

Adj. LEA

Green Line

Green Ewes

2021 Lambing 167%

Lamb 50 Day Adj. 59.27


Green Sired Lambs

Post Wean Gain .91

Adj. LEA

Red Line

Red Ewes

2021 Lambing 237%

Lamb 50 Day Adj. 64.16


Red Sired Lambs

Post Wean Gain .84

Adj. LEA

*The above values are determined by raw data observation; they are fluid values that will change over time. Please refer to NSIP numbers for most current values (Flock ID: 698501)

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