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Breeding Stock

In 2022, we transitioned to Accelerated Lambing, with lamb crops born in February, May & October. We made the change to:

  • be more efficient in our use of feed, facilities and labor

  • to provide breeding stock year round

  • capture the profits of 3 lamb crops per ewe in 2 years

  • breed our ewe lambs to lamb at 18 months instead of 12

We lamb in drop pens and the ewes are jugged with their lambs for about two days before being released again. We wean our lambs at approximately 70 days and they are started on a 25% alfalfa hay total mixed ration. At 90 days, they are moved to a 30% alfalfa hay total mixed ration. 

The ewes are exposed approximately 90-100 days after lambing for their next lamb crop. The nutritional requirements of the ewes are higher on this system as there is no maintenance period.

Our goals for our breeding stock include a 200% lamb crop, low maintenance, unassisted lambing, moderate birth weights, and good mothering instincts. If ewes are found to be lacking these qualities, they are culled from the flock. 

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