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National Sheep Improvement Program 

The National Sheep Improvement Program (NSIP) was founded in 1986 to "To provide predictable, economically important genetic evaluation information to the American sheep industry by converting performance records into relevant decision-making tools."

They favor a data based approach to improving sheep flocks and collect multi-generational performance and carcass data to generate their EBV's which give  growers a prediction of progeny potential.  Heritable traits are measured and tracked to improve carcass, reproductive, and flock health for with increasing consistency across all breeds. This data allows for the identification of individual flock strengths and greatly accelerates the genetic progress within breeds.

Below are the certification levels and requirements for NSIP:

Certified NSIP- Lamb Sires

Terminal sires ranking in the top 50% for Carcass Plus index

1.     Top 30% for WWT and PWWT

2.     Top 75% for PEMD


Certified NSIP- Carcass Sires 

Terminal Sire ranking in the top 50% for Carcass Plus Index

1.      Top 30% for PEMD

2.      Top 75% for WWT and PWWT


Certified NSIP-Maternal Sires

Range breeds ranking in the top 50% for US Range or US Maternal index

1.     Top 60% for wool traits

2.     Top 30% for NLB and MWWT


Certified NSIP- Stud Genetics

1.     Animals designated as stud prospects

2.     Rank in top 15% for respective index

3.     Rank in top 10% for at least 1 trait of interest in your breed

4.     Proven sires are preferable 

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