2021 AI Lambs 

Check out the ewes that were selected to produce the next crop of AI lambs that are due March 2021. We are super excited because the full blood genetics have really given us a jump forward in performance and breed type. The growth and scan data from our 2020 AI lambs was phenomenal and most of our flock sires have been replaced by the full blood AI rams born in 2020. 

Ohio State University

Pair of 2020 ram lambs on their way to the Ohio State University Sheep Research Facility in Wooster, Ohio. We are looking forward to the information they will provide to help us direct our breeding program in the years to come!

2020 AI Sired Lambs 

Our 2020 AI sired lambs have really impressed us so far! They are pictured here at 65 days and we can't wait to see their progress by our annual production sale on Labor Day. 

2020 Imported Full Blood Semen

We are excited to share with you that we have located and purchased semen from three Full Blood Ile de France rams. We are expecting approximately 40 ewes to lamb March 1st by these sires. More information coming on these new bloodlines soon - we will keep you posted!

Twin Ewe Lambs - NDSU Meats Lab

Pair of  2019 twin lambs sired by Green 1155 processed at the NDSU Meats Lab. They had a live weight of 143 pounds at 143 days of age. The carcasses weighed 95 pounds and dressed at 67%. These twin ewe lambs were finished on a 30% alfalfa ration. 

Brazilian BBQ 

Family, friends, and neighbors enjoyed a barbecued lamb prepared by our Brazilian "Chefs" Victor, Louis, and their friends in August 2019. For some it was the first lamb they had ever eaten and others claimed it was the best! Wonderful night had by all!

Honey Mustard Lamb Chops

My daughter Hannah and I finally had the chance to cook up the lamb chops from Spot; they were huge and very tasty. We did a Honey Mustard Sauce which was excellent and kept the chops juicy - just mix 3 tablespoons barbecue sauce, 3 tablespoons mild yellow mustard, 2 tablespoons honey, and hot and spicy mustard to taste in a bowl and spread over chops before cooking!

"Spot" 4-H Lamb

My daughter Hannah's 2016 4-H lamb in July, September, and finally his processed carcass. The lamb was born on  April 13th, 2016 and weaned at 63 days weighing 87 pounds. Loin Eye Area was scanned at 141 days on September 2nd weighing 158 pounds. The lamb was processed at NDSU Meats Lab and had a dressing percentage of 67%.

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